You can be the shit, flash the fattest five
Have the biggest dick, but when your shell get hit
You ain’t worth spit, just a memory
Remember he, used to push the champagne Range (I remember that)
Silly cat, wore suede in the rain
Swear he put the G in game, had the Gucci frame
before Dana Dane, thought he ran with Kane
I can’t recall his name, wasn’t he that kid
that nearly lost half his brain over two grams of cocaine?
Getting his dick sucked by crackhead Lorraine
A fucking shame, dude’s the lame, what’s his name?
Darkskin Jermaine, see what I mean?
Notorious BIG ( You’re nobody til somebody kills you ) 


OK… I think I have a major crush on you at this point. You are phenomenal in every way. The way you live, the way you dress, the way you like to get nasty…. Your daddy is lucky man, and I wish I could be lucky enough to have him share you with me just once. LOL

I was walking past the Armory in SF…